Halloween Snow In Colorado

I promised the ScooterGirl and The Marine some photos of the nationally renowned "Pre-Halloween Blizzard of '09."  You know it's bad  or people want you to think it's bad, when Sam Champion from Good Morning America is doing his weather report from Denver.

So here's the photographic evidence.

Note the poor Mr. Finch hanging on by his tiny feet to get a few seeds.  These Colorado birds are a hardy lot!!

I'm snug in my Denver office.  More Halloween snow fun to follow!!!


Anonymous said…
Oh!! how The Marine misses the snow.
Gradual Dazzle said…
Yowza!! How I do NOT miss the snow.

But I'm glad there are people who DO like it and don't mind it. It's pretty to look at... from a computer screen in Tahiti.


--Freezy McSneezy

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