Altitude 6200 Feet

A reader asked me in an email why my blog says "Random Thoughts From 6200 Feet."

Most people have heard Denver called the Mile High City which would put us at 5280 Feet.  And in fact there is a marker (or a few of them) at the State Capitol.

So why 6200 feet?  Well when the amazing, time wasting, Google Earth came out.............I was able to ascertain that good old Casa Rancho is actually a nearly full 1000 feet higher than downtown.  I assumed it was higher, but didn't know it was that much higher.  As you head south out of town you are gradually climbing up towards the Palmer Divide.

For you out-of-staters................knowing the elevation of wherever you are is a "Colorado Thing".  When you travel around the state you constantly hear people asking or referring to the elevation of their location.

There you go.

More useless info from your host.


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