Raise a Glass of Cheer

Friends and family gathered on Saturday.

To help me celebrate the Big Five Oh.

Though we are still a few days from by 50th birthday, we celebrated on Saturday night.

I was joined by my family and friends and co-workers. Mom and Dad, Little Bro and wife. My literal circle of friends (neighbors who live on our circle). And dear friends (and their wonderful children) who have long been a blessed part of my life.

All that were missing were the ScooterGirl and The Marine............far away in Texas............I miss you!

It was a perfect and beautiful Colorado evening.
We laughed mostly, and cried a little.

The most amazing part of the evening was my Husband's toast.

I am Blessed with an amazing "The Husband".


Anonymous said…
Well, Happy 50th Birthday!!!! We are sorry we missed it too. I have always loved the gatherings in your little circle of the world. Hope you have a great year. Love the Scooter Girl and the Marine.

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