Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Over to Ouray - Day One

It's that time.  For The Husband and I to head up and over to our home on the other side.

We decided to head out a day early to cut the drive in half.  So we left Casa Rancho around eleven today, destination Salida, Colorado.  I guess we are ahead of the snow.  Forecasts are calling for Winter Storm Warning tonight back at Cash Rancho.  But we had dry road 90% of the time on the way here.  There was a dusting of snow on the pines.

The Aspen are changing, more photos to follow.

We stopped in Fairplay for lunch.  And found a cute little place where they had that Colorado Mountain Town C A S U A L customer service (translation - 25 minutes to make  sandwich).

But we were able to replace a soup mug we bought at a pottery store and had a chance to take this photo for cultural literacy purposes.

Quick, beautiful drive into Salida followed.

After a great dinner at a quirky restaurant called The Windmill, we are holed up in the Holiday Inn, watching Dancing with the Stars.

Much shorter drive for tomorrow into the Promised Land.

On a side NOTE.............................surprise of the night on Dancing With the Stars.................Kelly Osbourne.

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