Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Stool

Still a little startling when I walk through my living room and see something new.

I took only a few items from my Grandma's house. There wasn't any rhyme or reason to the things that jumped out to me, just small things that I felt drawn to....

For some odd reason there was a little Stool that had been in her house forever, and I felt an attachment to that Stool. It's worn smooth on the top, and clearly well made, as it's as sturdy as ever.

When I looked through old photo albums, I found pictures of myself as a toddler, with The Stool in the shot. Then I had this strange sensory flashback. I could remember sitting on The Stool...........then I remember flipping it over and scooting around on the carpet with it.

Apparently, The Stool is a kid magnet.

The 4 year old next door made a beeline for it when he came over..........and promptly claimed it as his own. He pulls it out and plops it in front of the TV.

Must still be a great Stool.

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