Monday, July 13, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

I have been away from this place for more than a week because our family has been going through some trying times.

On the morning of July 9th, my 92 year old Grandmother died at Denver Hospice following a brief stay in the hospital, and a few days in hospice. She fought hard to the end.

She had fallen in her home, where she had lived since 1968. For a number of years, her great granddaughter lived with her, but most of those years she was alone, since my Grandpa died in 1970. In these last years my Dad worked hard at keeping her in her home, having help come for her. She was more afraid of being in nursing care than anything. She wanted to die at home, and she very nearly had that happen. I'm resting on the hope that she had little awareness toward the end, and didn't know she wasn't going home.

In all honesty, my Grandmother was not always an easy person to love, and it grew very hard in the last few years........but I did love her.

For years, she was a Bakery Manager at a local grocery chain.........I can still hear the way her turquoise uniform made a swishing noise when she walked, and she always smelled like icing. I will always think of her when I smell that sweet smell.

All my best memories revolve around Christmas and birthdays, celebrated mostly at her house. I had her all to myself for my first five years. As the first grandchild, I was doted on and spoiled by her. She saw to my every whim.

She was the only Grandma I ever knew.

Her father's family came to America from Scotland my Great Grandfather was born here....... Grandma loved all things Scottish. So for Grandma.........some Scottish heather.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your grandma. Hope you and your family are doing okay knowing she is in a better place.
Scooter Girl
PS we miss you guys


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