Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Well Sunday it finally becomes summer. With the cool and wet spring we've had here At Altitude, it will be welcome. Days and days of afternoon rain and weather alerts going off continuously........we are ready here for some heat and dry.

So here goes the boring details of everyday life.

All the late spring moisture has wrought the invasion of the garden pest. My honeysuckle and columbines are being overrun with aphids. Plant expert at the local garden center said the summer will be filled with bugs.

It's official..........we have hummingbirds visiting us on a regular basis. We knew they lived over the ridge to the south. Heard the odd sound a few times last summer. But only in passing. Then two weeks ago, at dusk I thought I heard a psycho cricket. When I investigated, I saw the hummingbird at the neighbor's honeysuckle bush. While enjoying Sunday morning outside time, a hummingbird came and sat in the aspen tree. Later that afternoon, as The Husband was at the grill, another little whirly bird flew up on the patio, gave me the look..........and then darted around the corner.
This is exciting stuff to the nerds that The Husband and I are.

We are in awe of the small things.

Since last weekend, we hear the random crackle and pop of fireworks. Cool beans.

Sitting outside in My Tiny Garden is every bit as helpful as a Valium.

I always miss ScooterGirl............but it's worse when its warm outside.

How do people live with the windows closed?

My across the street neighbor started mowing his lawn at 6:45am this morning.

Pinon wood fires in the chiminea are only a few doors away from heaven.

I told The Husband that that our backyard is officially now, 50% as good as Ouray. Not bad for twenty steps away.

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