Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick Trip Over Red Mountain Pass

AKA Million Dollar Highway, the Navajo Trail, etc.

I get misty and sad when it's been too long since I've been to the most amazing place on earth. Ouray, Colorado.

If it weren't such a long drive from our house, we'd be there all the time. But then again, so would thousands of other people, and then that would ruin the whole thing!!

At least once every day, I pop on the Ouray Web Cam (listed in my pretty places link on the right) and see what the weather is doing.........

I also use Ouray as my personal "happy place". When I'm having trouble sleeping, I try to picture the whole place in my head......looking to the left and the right as I drive south on Main Street. The view from the bench outside the post office, watching Ouray TV as the husband calls it.

So Sunday night as we wound down from Mother's Day Festivities at our place I got homesick for our home away from home............and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE...I got to sit in my comfy chair and actually drive down Main Street, Ouray, Colorado.

You can do it too.........

Just go to google, click on maps, and enter Ouray, Colorado in the search box. When the pop up photo comes up in the satellite view, click on the street level link.

And in the magical world of the internet and google maps, your are sitting on Main Street, at the north end of town. Now for a proper tour, you will need to get oriented the other way, so use the directional arrows at the top left of the photo, and you can spin around so you're heading south.

Now for me this is cool enough as it is........but wait there's more.

If you keep heading south.........



You have to keep changing your orientation, because the switch backs are tight, and strangely, it takes about an hour and a half, which is about how long it really takes to get to Silverton..............

THEN as if by magic, when you get just outside Silverton..............it turns to snow.

Yes, I am a geek that I spent more than an hour taking a virtual drive over Red Mountain pass.

Ain't technology grand?

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