Monday, April 20, 2009

No Basement in the Alamo

There is no basement in the Alamo.

But we had to find out for ourselves.

However, there was some Brooklyn dude wandering around, dressed up like Jim Bowie.

Because The Husband and I are big history nerds, it was great that ScooterGirl and The Marine took us to the Alamo.

We saw the River Walk and El Mercado. Lackland AFB, the Missions and even the big cowboy boots outside North Star Mall. Yes, they also took me to Cavender's to find some boots.

But best of all, was just spending time with our fine friends. ScooterGirl and her The Husband have a home that feels as comfy as my own. She welcomed and entertained us in spite of not feeling well...............we played with Max, Murphy and Maggie, when they weren't running through the doggy door to chase off birds and varmits. We saw birds we never saw before.

It was a fine time.

Pictures to follow..................

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