Ebeneezer Grinch

What an amazing thing.

I met the Grinch today.

Who knew he lived here?

And drives a Dodge Sprinter Van?

I headed out to run an errand at lunch time. As I got out of my car and headed to the store, I spotted a gentleman getting out of his white sprinter van. He had jeans and jean jacket on, a black knit hat, and a long fluffy white beard.

I chuckled to myself, who knew Santa drove a Sprinter Van?

We hit the door to the store at about the same time. I smiled and gave him a cheery hello. Then I asked "do you get a lot of second looks from little kids this time of year?"

I swear I used my best, cheerful, friendly, making small talk with strangers voice.

He never stopped moving, never made eye contact.

And as he walked he said (and I quote, so please don't be offended) "yea that happens about as often as fat black women get mistaken for Aunt Jemima."


That's what he said.

I was so stunned I mumbled something like....."I like your beard, I didn't mean to offend."

And I am only slightly embarrassed to admit. I instantly got a lump in my throat, and had to fight back the tears.........I don't know why it hurt my feelings so bad, but it did..........

So there you go. Anyone looking for the Grinch............he's wandering around south Broadway in Denver...........in a white Sprinter Van.


Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry this happened to you! I absolutely winced as I read how unkind he was. Such ugliness and poverty of spirit.

May your kindness and cheer be rewarded in other ways. I loved it that your first and instantaneous response was to clarify and be kind.


(I followed you here from Tracey's blog....)
Gradual Dazzle said…
Sheesh. Feel the love.

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