Chili Festival At Altitude

Sure sign of fall............

Chili Festival.

Sunday was the annual "peeling of the peppers". Beginning 5 or so years ago, The Husband and I found a road side stand selling and roasting peppers. Actually these stands are all over the metro area. We found a young couple bringing their harvest from the fields north of Denver.

So each year we buy from them. A bushel does us fine. The smell when they are being roasted are the best.....and then back to the casa for the ceremonial "peeling".

Can be messy and tedious. But not when its a beautiful day......pinon wood fire going, some fine cerveca and The Husband helping............

Perfect September day.

The bounty from one bushel is 20 bags, 6 peppers per bag. Into the freezer for months of green chili or chili rellenos..........muy bueno.


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