Breakfast in the Park

Had a nutty idea last weekend. The Husband, long suffering man that he is, agreed to go along with me.

We normally wake up Sunday morning, have coffee, read the Sunday paper and then he usually makes breakfast.

My nutty idea was to take advantage of two things..........

The unbelievably wonderful September weather, and our proximity to an amazing overlook.

So we changed up our firmly ingrained routine. We woke up, had one cup of coffee, threw on the sweats, and jumped in the Jeep to head to our nearby overlook.

Thermos of hot coffee, simple breakfast, two fold up chairs, and what a Sunday morning.....

If I could get the focus thing down on my camera, this would be and even better shot..........

It was peaceful and invigorating at the same time...........for me a real sabbath.


Unknown said…
Wow... that's, like, the best church EVAR.

[Napoleon Dynamite voice]


[/Napoleon Dynamite voice]

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