Old Fashioned 4th of July

Looking forward to the three day weekend, although The Husband has different days off, so we don't get to spend ALL the time together. He does get to work a day shift tomorrow for the holiday and I'll have him home for the evening.

We plan on going and watching the local fireworks display, then back to the house so we can set off the legal stuff in the street and I can play with sparklers. I love sparklers. They are my favorite. The way they smell, spinning them around in the air and making letters. Takes me immediately back in time to my grandparents back patio, I can see the grass and grandma's roses. I want watermelon right now.

This year the 4th will be a little subdued. The Husband and I are still a little in shock and mentally exhausted. WE MISS OUR FRIENDS IN TEXAS. The old neighborhood (or new neighborhood actually) just ain't the same without them. The two little guys next door are so excited about the 4th and The Husband being a big, "little guy" has already been teasing them with last year's leftover fireworks. This shot is an artsy one from our first year in the new neighborhood. Ahhhh to be two years old. It's all about watermelon and your SpongeBob canteen.


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