Hot Rod Hondas

Sometime in the last few years a phenomenon has popped up here in the Mile High City. It makes me nuts and I want to know if it's a Denver thing, or if this is country wide.

What is the deal with the hopped up Honda Civics? They are everywhere, they have loud pipes, and apparently all the drivers are on their way to do emergency brain surgery. We know this because of the high rate of speed at which they travel. Clearly, where ever they are headed, the purpose of the trip is ALWAYS more important than what us mere mortals are doing.

They recently raised the speed limit on portions of the highway I take to work each day. I think 65 is fast enough for anyone, on an interstate, in the middle of town. Apparently the preferred speed for brain surgeons driving Honda's is 80 plus combined with weaving from lane to lane. Damn all these people cluttering up the highway during the tail end of rush hour!

Coming home, two more surgeons were trying to beat each other to the hospital down a suburban side street. Wow! These guys are busy.

So out of state readers....................just here? Or everywhere?


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