Friday Grab Bag

Little stuff that doesn't warrant it's own post.
Can someone please tell me what the deal is with these guys??? God's Pottery. Do we laugh, cry, or punch them in the face?? They got eliminated from Last Comic Standing last night. Don't know what to think.

Friday confession.
My guilty pleasure.
Big Brother. Yep. LOVE me that show. Completely disgusted with BB9 cast. Couldn't have cared less who won. They were all annoying beyond belief. New season starts on Sunday night, and yes I have already been scanning the CBS website and checking out the new cast. Could be quite an interesting mix of people this go around. They even have a 75 year old former Marine. And who doesn't want to see how long before Dan, the Catholic teacher starts yelling at Libra, the Obama supporter??? Could be lots of spills and chills. Come on readers. Watch with me so we can dish!


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