Wonder # 7 - Our Home Away From Home

If you've read about the Wonders in my world, there is clearly a theme. Taking time to notice the little things around you each and everyday. I try.

On the days I get caught up in everything else, I am a lesser person.
Ouray, Colorado has become a place for The Husband and I where everything else falls away, and we look, and smell, and listen, and relax, and most of all, we Wonder. I loved it the first time I ever went, and years later, when I first took him, he loved it too.
As I write this, I tear up. Even back here at home, where I see the other "6 Wonders" everyday, I miss the "High Places". There is something magical, spiritual, overwhelming about the High Places.

So here's a few more pictures because they say it better than I ever could


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