Wonder #6 Sunset Over the Rockies

Quite obviously, I am not a professional photographer.
I'm certain there are millions of places to take a better photo of a Colorado Sunset than this spot...............
But I did this on purpose because this picture is a real picture of what I can see any time. From my front steps, from my kitchen or bedroom window.
Just about any day that I remember to look west at the right time, I can see the Colorado Rockies off in the distance. Often surrounded by that glowing orange (some say Denver Broncos) sunset. If you look off at the left of the picture, (especially if you click on it, and see it larger) you can see the way the mountains show up in shades of blue, like pieces of paper laid on top of one another.
It's natural for people to stop noticing the things they see each day. It can be a matter of taking for granted the family you live with, or not looking at the good parts of a job that's less than perfect. Growing up here in Colorado, I was guilty of taking the "purple mountain majesties" for granted.
Then about 25 years ago, I met a person who changed me forever. (But that's a story for another post.) Suffice it to say, that when he looked at my everyday view of the
Rockies, he asked me if I thanked God for it every day. I realized in that moment, that I seldom Even Noticed the sunset, much less thanked God for it. I never thought about the fact that I live in a place that people come from all around the world to see. I was just a little Colorado girl who NEVER stopped to smell the proverbial roses.
So I changed.
Can't say that I don't occasionally have days when my surroundings go unnoticed. But the vast majority of the time, there are several moments in the day when I stop and notice what's around me. Big things like the Rockies or small things like the house finches who come to my feeder.
My throat tightens up just a bit, and I thank God for being born here, for being able to make a life here, and for the love inside me for this magical place.


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