Wonder #4 - The Valley

This is an overlook to a valley not far from my house. As I have traveled all over this state, it never ceases to amaze me the sense of awe you get when you come around a bend, or take a curve in the road, and see one of these sweeping valleys. More often then not, the Rockies sit there, off in the distance, providing the backdrop for the picture. Another favorite "valley" is South Park. no, not THAT South Park. Despite popular belief, South Park is not a town, its an area. Not really a valley, I guess its considered a high elevation "basin". Anyway, I digress. It's beautiful and takes your breath away.

I hope I never loose that sense of awe, or the inevitable "wow" that comes out of your mouth. I shared this valley because I'm delighted that this particular place is just minutes from our house. Great place to put things in perspective.

PS, you'll note some dead pines in the picture. There was a significant fire in 2003 in this valley. But each spring and summer you see the progression of the regrowth.


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