Meanwhile Back at the Ranch and Ouray Recommendations

Today we made our way back to our little slice of the planet. It's always with mixed feelings that we leave Ouray behind. It's good to go, but it's also good to come home. Depending on the route we take, it takes between 5 or 6 hours to get back. It's a scenic trip, today we saw antelope in South Park, a coyote outside Woodland Park, cows all along the way, and strangely enough llamas. They are the big rage all over Colorado. Alpacas too, although frankly, I can't tell the difference.
It was a good trip as always. We had great food, met lots of fellow travelers, had lovely hosts at the B&B we stayed at, and spent lots of time just sitting and looking at the amazing San Juans surrounding Ouray.
My recommendations for anyone who stumbles across this blog and is heading to Ouray:

The China Clipper. Lovely, lovely Bed and Breakfast. Spacious, meticulously clean rooms, good hot breakfast, and friendly hosts. Stop by and tell Earl and Tricia that the Chick Voice sent you.

The Bistro at Billy Goat's Gruff. We've been enjoying the outdoor beer garden for years. How can you miss with views like this......................................

But this year, we had an amazing meal in the Bistro. The Husband had corn chip encrusted talapia with corn salsa rice. I had seared duck breast with mushroom risotto and asparagus. Yes campers, fine dining can be had in little mountain towns.

We did a very "touristy" thing this year and went on the Bachelor-Syracuse Mine Tour. We like Colorado history and this ended up being very informational. You actually go 1850 feet into the mine on a train, and it was really pretty cool. The tour guide was a "gem" (no pun intended). We learned about the incredibly difficult life the miners lived, but it was the mining industry that founded Colorado. For any "flatlanders" that may be reading, YES they had gold panning available.

Lastly, we recommend the park bench outside the Ouray Post Office. It's on the west side of the street. There are benches all up and down main street, but the one by the Post Office gives a great window to all the locals as they come and get their mail. Ouray is built on hills. Everywhere is up or down. Literally. As you walk around you need to stop and sit. We call it watching OurayTV. Watching the people walk buy, the trucks, jeeps and motorcycles going buy. With this as a view................................................
We love our annual trips to Ouray. I call it the Ouray Valium Effect. The closer we get, the more relaxed I feel and by the time we leave, the cares of this world have fallen away.
If you ever get the chance, come see our little home away from home.
If you are a "stop and smell the roses" kind of person, you will love Ouray forever.


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