To Blog or Not to Blog?

When you blog and have made the choice to be anonymous, then you are faced with a conundrum when important things happen in your life.

Do you just ignore it and continue to post about all things you normally do? Do you just shut down for a while and then come back when things wind down? you write about it and cloud the details in order to maintain the anonymity?

Part of the question comes from thinking about who reads your blog. The people reading this blog fall into several categories. 1. Dear friends who I communicate with on a regular basis and with whom I feel safe enough to tell them I'm doing this. 2. People I don't really know in person, but feel like I've gotten to know from reading their blogs, commenting on their blogs, some of whom started reading here when I finally started blogging. 3. The strangers, those "www people" who've wandered by for one reason or another.

Then I think about why I started doing this at all.

I miss writing.

My skills, I notice, are very rusty. It's been years since I wrote on a daily or weekly basis. Now, my writing is 95% emails and not much else. So in the end it would feel strange NOT to write about what has happened.

Hence.........................with My Husband's approval..............................

My Husband's younger sister died this weekend. It happened early Saturday morning. It was completely unexpected. She was only 42. As I can sort through things, I'll take my time, and write something that is worthy of this kind of loss, and look for the lessons that must be there, but seem impossible to see at this place in the road.

For now there is nothing but shock, a numbness that comes from these sudden occurences. That sudden shock is no stranger to me, but has taken my Husband's family by storm. They have never faced something like this before. For now there are tears, disbelief, anguish, guilt, and all the questions that face all people at this time. There are no easy answers.


Anonymous said…
I am truly sorry for your loss. Isn't it strange that my brother also died at age 42. It has been four months and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I guess I think of him more now than when he was alive. How odd. Time will help. I don't understand why GOD chooses people so young, but he has his reasons. My thoughts and prayer are with you. Take care.
Gradual Dazzle said…
May God bless you and your husband's family with peaceful hearts and supernatural comfort.

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