Colorado Vacation - Day Two

Today was packing, prepping and decompressing. Tomorrow morning The Husband and I will pack up the Jeep Wrangler and head to our favorite place on the planet.

Ouray, Colorado. Elevation, 7811 feet, where apparently, 414 males live and 399 females live. Yes, it's a small town with scenery that never fails to knock me off my feet. For the last 5 years we have headed there in the fall or summer. We relax, see amazing things, sit in the hot springs, eat amazing food, watch the hummingbirds, wander the museum, 4wheel the trails, shop the shops, take amazing photos, look at the real estate ads, buy cheesy t shirts or refrigerator magnets, wander to the ghost towns, sit on the benches on main street, drink beer at the Billy Goat Gruff and wish we could snap our fingers and live there starting a week from last Friday.
Trip six to Ouray will be a mystery. They had massive snow fall this year. We will likely not get on the four wheel drive roads we had hoped for as many are still closed due to snow.

One thing that I know for sure is that I will get pictures that I've never gotten before.

Drop by to see us. We'll wave!!

As long as the wireless internet connection at the B&B we are staying at holds out, there will be posts and lots of pictures. This will give me something to do after The Husband falls asleep and I will post till I drowse.

I hear the San Juans calling my name.


Anonymous said…
Tried to post a picture of downtown Ouray, it did not work. We went there on vacation a couple of years ago with some great people. Sure do miss them. Hope you have a great time.
The "great people" miss you too. Probably more than you know. We talked about you while sitting at the Billy Goat Gruff. O Ray is not the same without you.
Anonymous said…
It did not hit me until now how much we miss you and "the husband". The lump in my throat really hurts and so does my heart. Have a great time.

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