Colorado Vacation Day 5

Last night we met a man named Hutch. We first saw him on the Ouray website, where they had a local blog and someone had posted a video of him talking about his new brewery in Ouray.

Ouray is a small enough town, that for the regular visitor, a new place is a big deal. So we asked around, (our waiter at the Bon Ton) and figured out where the new place was. We kind of knew we were walking into a haunt for the "locals".

I have never been anywhere like the Ourayale Brewery. This guy was the quintessential "Colorado Mountain Town Dude". Seriously, we've met a lot of these guys in our travels, but Hutch wins the award.

He took the old power company building, finished off the inside and opened a brewery. He sells beer. For cash only. As we entered the rustic place, no............ rustic doesn't really describe the place. PRIMITIVE is a better word. Hutch holds court from his position behind the bar, SITTING ON A SWING. He has this rail attached to the ceiling with rollers. He has a swing that he can sit on and be able to wait on patrons up and down the bar, WITHOUT HAVING TO STAND UP.

Never in my life have I seen such a thing..............or met anyone like Hutch. He serves no food. But there were some peanuts.

He has signs everywhere. Hand painted, one refers to him as Mr. Grumpy Pants. Nothing but locals came in and the conversation was.............illuminating. The beer was good. Had that home brewed, fresh flavor. He sold it to us at a discount. He said it didn't really come out like he planned. So he cut the price in half.

I'm sure there are other places where you can find people like Hutch.

But not in my neighborhood.

We sure hope Hutch is still there when we next find ourselves in Ouray. He was a real delight.


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