Colorado Vacation Day 3, the real deal

We are here. There is a short way and a long way to get to Ouray from our house. We take the long route. It's a beautiful drive and takes us through the wide array of Colorado terrain. From the foothills to Kenosha Pass, through South Park, into Gunnison, Blue Mesa Resevoir, and then into the Utah-looking Montrose.

From there, south down 55o and into our home away from home. We hit some road repair traffic, as is always the case during the summer, but we were here by 4. Just in time to check into the B&B we are staying at. Dinner at the Bien Tempo, crab spinach enchiladas for me, carne asada tacos for The Husband. Two margaritas on the rocks with salt, we are set!

There is a kind of visceral peace that washes over us when we come here. It never fails us. When you leave Montrose and see the San Juans in the distance.............well words fail me, but pictures don't.....................................


Gradual Dazzle said…
Speck-TACK-yular!!! WOWOWOWOW that's beautiful.

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