Colorado Vacation Day 4

Today was up and over day. After yummy breakfast at the B&B, we headed south over Red Mountain Pass. When you stop just out of town, a look back north, you see this..................

Ouray sits in the middle of a valley, surrounded by amazing peaks. It was named for Chief Ouray, of the Ute Indians. 25 miles to the south is Silverton, Colorado. To get there you head over Red Mountain Pass on what is also called the Million Dollar Highway. It's two lane, PAVED, thank God, but winding road with shear drop offs. Both The Husband and I have fear of heights, (yes funny for a couple of Colorado natives) so there is an element of terror involved. But the scenery, well THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I've ever been. Okay, Switzerland was beautiful, and strangely enough,


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