Wonder #3 My Columbine

When you hear the word "Columbine" there's one thing that pops into your head. The word has come to mean a terrible, tragic event. It was.

Just about everyone who lives here was touched in some deep way by that awful April day. I'm no exception. I can tell you exactly where I was that day when the news came on the radio that something bad was happening.

But long before that day, the word was a lovely thing. Our state's flower. A Columbine was an exciting find in a mountain meadow when you were out on a hike. Now I have four varieties growing in My Tiny Garden. They're tough, the first plant to push their way through the snow and frozen ground. I consider them a wonder. While the flowers fade in the heat of late summer, they bring me great joy in the spring. It's Columbine season around here.


Gradual Dazzle said…
I adore columbines. I used to have a few that I babied along the shady north side of my house in Paris, Texas when we were first married... they were delightful and beautiful flowers. How wonderful that you get to enjoy them in their preferred environment. :)
dave-ya said…
..wow . . . . ...all P-n-P {{ purple-ishh & pretty }}

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