Wonder #2 My Bluff

This is my Bluff. Technically, its really called a Ridge. And, of course, technically, its not MY Bluff. But I think of it as mine. When we were waiting for our house to be built, we drove to see the house every Sunday afternoon. As we headed down the highway, I knew we were getting close when I could see My Bluff.

Because of the terrain, and changing elevations, once you pull into our development, you can't see My Bluff anymore. But the first time we spent the night in our new house, when I woke up that morning, lo and behold, I could see My Bluff. The only window you can see My Bluff from is one I can only see from my side of the bed. It's really weird. If I had a better zoom on my camera, I could show you what I mean.

So why do I love My Bluff? I'm kind of a Colorado history buff. I've studied the history of this area. We still have a lot of open space here. And The Husband and I take every chance we can to head up to the "hills". When you're in the Rockies or in open places like this, it's easy to imagine what it all looked like before we got here. So in my minds eye, every time I look at My Bluff I see a Cheyenne warrior, sitting on his horse and looking over the valley. This was buffalo country. There were deer, and coyotes, and prairie grasses blowing in the Colorado breeze. I'm overly sentimental about those days, I know, but I look at my bluff each morning when I wake up, and most mornings I take a moment, think about where I am, and love the place I live.

Oh, by the way, if you drive south, to the spot where I took this photo from, there are cows grazing. I heard them mooing when I was in my backyard this morning.

I think cows are a Wonder too.


Gradual Dazzle said…
I love Your Bluff... the various bluffs and outcroppings and things like that are some of my very favoritest things about Coddarodda. You live in an official Cool Place [TM].


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