A Decade

Monday is Cinco De Mayo. Relatively big deal in this town. Great excuse to make Mexican food and drink margaritas.

But for me, the 5th of May is the anniversary of the day I started my current job. This year is a real milestone because I've been there TEN years. TEN years, wow! That's the longest I've stayed at a job by a long shot. (last record was 6 1/2 years). As far as jobs go, I have a lot of autonomy. I come and go as I please (within reason). It's an interesting industry and every day is a little different. Some days I hate it, but most days are okay. I work for the typical type A entrepreneur. He makes me crazy about 60% of the time, but a lot of that is really about me. I always like things to be "just so".

What do I do? I'm a Fixer, a Grouter and a Mediator. What industry I'm in doesn't really matter. But those are the three most important things I do. I think I do okay.

I Fix systems, and policies, and procedures. I Fix situations, relationships gone bad, and occasionally I help fix people's lives.

I'm a Grouter. I find my way into all the little areas that aren't quite right and fill in the gaps.

Most importantly to me, I Mediate. Between our company and clients, between our company and vendors, between coworkers, and between my boss and whoever. This is the part of my job that gives me the most satisfaction. I like taking people and situations that seem impossible and finding the common ground, creating a mutually agreeable solution.

I like fixing, and filling in, and helping people get along.

Sure it's not the greatest job. I'm not a famous Hollywood film director. I'm not directing a play on Broadway. I haven't written the Great American Novel, or any of the other more creative things I dreamed of doing when I was in my 20's.

Years ago some friends gave me one of those cheesy Hallmark plaques you hang on the wall and I've always remembered one line.

"Leave each situation better than you found it."

I guess after ten years of fixing and filling and mediating that means I'm blessed.


some jive turkey said…
..hmmm 3652 day-s --ishhhhh

..very cooL ......nuthin like hanG-in in there ...(( & gett-in olDER-errrr ))

uhmm B-t-Way ......hang--N--there . . . !!

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