Dancing With the Stars Reunion

Kind of cool they are having eliminated couples do a dance. Did they do this before?

My three word comments:

Teller: Flat, Footed, Funny (The Husband Says Sasquatch)

Monica: Stiff, Awkward, Brave, (The Husband Says Boring)

Gutenberg: Enthusiastic, Perky, Adorable (The Husband Says Gentleman)

Adam: Silly, Reckless, SuperSilly (The Husband Says Funny)

Priscilla: Elegant, Graceful, FreakinMarriedToElvis (The Husband, (not impressed) Says Old)

Marlee: Amazing, Inspiring, Hot (The Husband Says Determined)

Shannon: CradleRobber, Leggy, Improved, (The Husband Says Gangly)

Mario: Smiley, Youthful, Funky (The Husband Says Energetic)

Marrisa: Bubbly, Cute, RockStar (The Husband Says Happy)

Cristian: Courageous, Caliente, Ripped (The Husband Says Friendly)

Now it's down to the two.

Let's hope there's no shocker.


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