Thursday, November 27, 2008

Half a Century

For the Chick Voice's family, today was not just another Thanksgiving feast. For years we have gathered as a family and feasted on the turkey with all the fixings..........followed by jockeying for the watching and turkey comas.......

But 2008 brings a momentous year. Fifty years ago today, my parents walked down the aisle and exchanged their vows. Since Thanksgiving doesn't always fall on the same calendar date, I think its very cool that their 50th Anniversary actually falls on Thanksgiving this year, just as it did the day they married.

Dad wanted everyone to be able to relax and enjoy the cooking or dish washing, so we gathered at a local restaurant. Not everyone could be there.........but those who came, helped us celebrate this historical day in our family.

It's hard to find the words, (and I'm sure my speech today didn't reach the goal), to express the pride and love I feel for Mom and Dad. The story of their lives, and how they came together, and the challenges they faced, is truly breathtaking.

My Mom is the toughest and bravest woman I have ever known. From her poor and difficult childhood, the oldest of 11 siblings, to the health challenges she has faced and survived, she has been an inspiration to me all of my life.

My Dad is a man among men. He married my mother when he was 22 years old, and took on the challenge of helping her raise all her younger siblings. My Grandmother had died when Mom was only 19 and Mom miraculously managed to keep them all together as a family. Mom and Dad came home from their honeymoon to a house full of kids. A year later, I joined the brood. I was born into a family of doting aunts and uncles, and parents who always put everyone else first. Then five years later, my Little Bro came along and joined the huge family.

These 50 years have been filled with challenges and heartaches. We have lost two of my Mom's brothers, one sister, and my Dad's younger sister as well. In spite of the difficulties, we have also shared laughter and love and many many days of joy. I have aunts and uncles I adore, and dozens of cousins with many children of their own. We have shared Easter egg hunts, and 4th of July's, shopping with the aunts, and many, many plates of Thanksgiving turkey and fixin's.

In a word, The American Dream. I know simply by looking around each day, how rare it is to have parents married all these years...........and a huge family who makes a point to gather each year.

I am blessed.

Mom and Dad, I love you more than I can ever express. I will never be able to repay you for the firm foundation, the legacy of Christian faith, the example of steadfastness, and a lifetime of generosity that you have modeled.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Picture For Amy

In my wanderings around the net..........I found this picture and decided to post it to feed my one and only Niece's obsession.

Here's one for you Amy. Hope you liked the premier.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Results Bye Bye Boy

They get some pretty big names to come on this show.

ARETHA?? Really? Girl's still got it......

Wow! Our little Julianne...........good strong voice. I think she kicks Taylor Swift down the hall and back...........


Kristi and Mark were really great........ and again.......... Aretha..........she's still got it.

So for the big news..................who will go?

Hard to say after last night's performances.

Gone this week is

Cody and Julianne. Boy what a great couple of kids..........really likable.
Amazing for an 18 year old.
Well......... who will it be in the end???

Dancing With the Kids (Stars)

They did the kids finals tonight. Such a fun part of the the show................

Kirill and Hanna.................Hanna of the sparkling eyes. Unbelievably good.

Mitchell and Maria...........Maria is she 13 going on 25, or a kid? Love the song they danced to "Mas Que Nada" Amazing and Len agreed.

Craig and a visit from MAX! How can you say anything but Wow.

Have to give my vote to.........

Mitchell and Maria.

In Celebration of Small Things

There are days that I wonder if I'm .........
"a little different from all the kids in the class".
At some point in my life, early on, I began to notice the "little things".
Some of it began because of all the camping trips I took as a child. My dad's younger sister, Kathleen and her husband took me to every nook and cranny of Colorado. My uncle was a geologist. I learned from him all the formations and types of rocks. Yes, even today, I have piles of rocks in my backyard that we have grabbed from our travels, or found in the piles of river rock used in our landscaping.
From Aunt Kathy I learned the name of birds and all the wildflowers we saw on our hikes. It set me on a course for noticing Nature around me. For actually noticing almost everyday, the sunrises and sunsets. For the Aspen trees, and the unique way the leaves flicker in the wind, and the unique sound it makes.

Then I began to realize that its not all about nature and the outdoors that matters. Inside our houses there are the amazing ways that the light streams through windows. Or the way the shadows fall across a room. Small lamps or a candle flickering in the window can make a house change from a house to a home. I have a lantern with a votive inside that sits between the kitchen ledge and the dining room. It's made of colored mosaic glass. Twice a day, in the morning and then in the evening, the light comes through the windows and it reflects little light flashes around the room. I think of it as the fireflies coming out................. real fireflies in Colorado. (Except that one summer, Dad).
And.........I'm fascinated with lace drapes. If we lived in the country and privacy weren't an issue, I'd have them on every window. I love looking outside through them, and this time of year, late in the afternoon, I love the way the sun shines through into my bathroom.

I know, I know...........a little nutty, but there you go.

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Snowing!! Finally!!!

Really late this year for a first snowfall in the metro Denver area. But it happened this morning and I ran around the house silently (so as not to wake The Husband) cheering, "YAY!!" I love the first snow.

Of course, it's now sunny, melted and in the 60's by Sunday.

Yay Colorado.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Credit Where Credit is Due

My fellow Coloradoan attends what I hope was one of many small gatherings today..........saying thanks to those who've served.

Go See..........

Dancing With the Stars Results No More Chicken Dinner

Must say that Cheryl is my favorite female professional dancer. But I think it was time for Maurice to go.

Seems clear that Brooke will win in the end ...................but glad that Cody will get to dance with Julianne again next week.
Oh, and by the way, Julianne and Derick's dance was amazing!

Thank You

To my "The Husband", to my Dad, and to ScooterGirl's husband..........and any other vets who may wander here today......

Thank you for your service.

Happy Veteran's Day.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Glenn Beck You Sly "Fox"

Guess I'm one of the last to show up at this party............

Glenn Beck leaving CNN and heading to Fox News.

Now I can finally quit trying to remember what channel number Headline News is on...........

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Results Soap Bubble Popped

As amazing as she looked and her ability to dance at was time.

They sent Susan Lucci home.

I think it was the right call and I guess America agreed.

Best Thing I Read The Day After (So Far)

A comment from a regular over at Protein Wisdom.........

"Comment by alppuccino on 11/5 @ 7:11 am #

At 10:40, President Bush will keep his streak alive by telling everyone how much he loves America. Just as he always has.

And he’ll show everyone how much he loves America by preparing Obama as best he can for the next 4 years. He’ll do everything in his power to impart to President-elect Obama the seriousness of national security. He’ll do it with dignity and class as he has always done - to the absolute disgust of his political enemies. But now those enemies must stand with George W. Bush in loving America, when just yesterday they hated her with a passion.

And a dumb hick Republican will lead them."

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

and "she" wept

"she" being me.

I am sad. It is a time of great change. And change is always scary to me.

McCain's concession speech was eloquent and humble. Stirring and classy.

"Tonight, I remain Her servant", he said, speaking of his country.

He served his country with more fervor and devotion than many thousands of us combined together. He put his life on the line in ways that are beyond comprehension to 99% of us.

I might cry all night.

It is an amazing moment in the history of the United States. We have elected someone who represents a people, who at one time were not even considered human, much less citizens. A people who lived under Jim Crow laws not so long ago.

To a woman who grew up idolizing Martin Luther King, Jr., in all his flaws, this is a moment of mixed emotions. I am thrilled that we have taken this step forward................not happy that is was this man, at this time.

I believe our reaction should be to hit our knees, and as it says in

I Timothy 2:1-3. "I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior".

People were energized around the country, in a way I have not seen since the days when the Reagan campaign said, "it's morning again in America".

The nation has been in a bad place for some time now.............

I truly don't know if President-Elect Obama (I said it!!) will have it in him, to take us to a better place.............because we do need hope........... and change.

I do fear that he doesn't have the savvy and experience to do anything but.......I hate to say it...."bumble".

But alas, we shall see.

I won't take the low road and many Democrats did about George W. Bush, that he is "Not My President".

He is My President.

I am an American. A Coloradoan.

And what we do...........we do together.

Election Night Dread

Hunkered down in the loft, sitting in the comfy chairs. Ready for a long night.

Haven't had a lot to say about the election and politics lately, frankly because there are so many out there that do it better.

Not feeling very happy about what I think is about to happen, but I did my part, I guess. Cast the ballot, sent the check.

Helped a few of my employees with the impromptu "ChickVoice Civics Lesson". Most were not registered, didn't even know what county they lived in. I think most of the ones I helped will vote for Obama. Maybe, over time, I can be a quiet influence on beng better educated about the issues, and the process.

Off to channel flip............

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New, New, Fiesta Color

Can't believe it.

They are doing it to me again.

Just in time for the holidays.

The new Fiesta color.......................CHOCOLATE!!!

Didn't us Fiestaholics just get a new color?

New Ivory?

Well guess I'll be dragging The Husband to the mall again. He indulges me in my addiction to Fiesta, which we just dealt with in July.
Here we go again.


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