Friday, November 25, 2011

My Favorite Things - My Fairy Princess Bed

As a little girl growing up, I was always taken with canopy beds. They were very popular then, and apparently I never outgrew the longing for one. As an adult I kept noticing the antique iron beds in movies, mostly westerns or others set at the turn of the century or earlier.

A few years back, I discovered American Iron Beds. They sell antique and reproductions of iron beds, in many styles and finishes .Check them out. American Iron Beds

I looked and looked, dreamed and dreamed, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on such a foolish whim. Talked myself out of it.

Then my boss gave me a surprise bonus for my tenth anniversary with the company. When I saw the check I was pleased and surprised, and he made me promise it wouldn't go to pay bills or anything practical. "Isn't there something you've always wanted, but never bought?"

And then I knew.

I call it my Fairy Princess Bed, because I'm not ashamed to admit that I've never outgrown my love for fairy tales, princes and princesses. Knights in shining armour.............all that.  I must admit, it still brings a smile to my face every time I walk into my bedroom, even though I've now had it three years.

Here it is, my Fairy Princess Bed.

This style is an open toe (no big foot board), trestor (half canopy).  It doesn't overwhelm the room.

And I love it. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Favorite Things -The Tale of the Clock

As promised, a series of posts about of few things I own that I really love and appreciate.  It goes without saying that the most important things in life aren't possessions.  But we all own things, and to find things that we love, that we appreciate, things that bring us joy, is nice...........

Some years ago, I stayed at my Aunt Alice's house, to help her get a Thanksgiving meal ready. On her mantel was an old clock.  I fell for the sound of the ticking, and the chime on the hour.  There was something about the sound that I found so soothing and comforting.  So I decided someday I would find myself a ticking, chiming clock.

Enter Rocky Mountain Clocks on South Broadway in Denver.  A wonderland of clocks.  When I started my current job, I took my first check and picked out a clock for them to refurbish.  It was the best one I could afford at the time and I had it for 5 years.  One of the amazing things about Rocky Mountain Clocks, is that a few years ago, they took it back on trade, gave me credit for it, and let me upgrade to this beauty.

Close Up.

No picture I take can do it justice.  I love this clock.  It has an eight day movement, and the ritual of winding it once a week is part of the pleasure of owning it.  After getting it home, I discovered, with great joy, a label inside the clock.  A label (hard to get a good picture of) from the person who sold the clock.

Hans Gudio, Jeweler and Optician.  Larimer Street, Denver Colorado.

I love my clock.

Someday, I'll wander into Rocky Mountain Clocks and drop a grand on a Grandfather clock.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Living a Beautiful Life

In 1997 I ran across a book that was sitting in the waiting area of an office I was visiting. I thumbed through it, and was impressed enough to immediately stop by The Tattered Cover and pick it up. I've since bought the book at least 5 or 6 times, because I always end up giving it away to people and then get the urge to read it again.

Strange sometimes, how a book can make such a huge impact.  Living A Beautiful Life, by Alexandra Stoddard was one of the those books that had an impact on me at the time I read it, and ever since.

Alexandra talks about how important the little details are.  About the small things we do each day, and things we come in contact with each day, and how our lives can change when we make small changes.

At the time I read the book, I was single, living in a tiny one bedroom apartment, working for a food bank, and barely had two dimes to rub together.  But I realized that I had been living my life waiting
for someday. Someday, I'd have a house, someday I'd be able to entertain people, someday I'd be married.  The book talked about not waiting for someday, not waiting for a special occasion, but instead, doing little things to make each day special.  Even if it's just for yourself. 

At the time, I could ONLY do small things, as money was an issue, but I went to a Big Lots store, and purchased a set of brightly striped cloth napkins.  I paid 50 cents each, and got eight.  I also bought a beautiful coffee mug for $2.  I've used cloth napkins ever since and always have a good coffee mug, one that looks nice, and feels good in your hands.  Morning coffee is better out of a great mug.  Living a Beautiful Life is full of ideas, "Grace Notes" she calls them, about the details of everyday life, and how we change when notice the small things.

I highly recommend the book, still available along with many others she's written.

Now, more than a decade later, I have continued to use this concept, to effect the things I surround myself with.  And that gave me the inspiration for a new series of posts here, about my favorite things.  You know the song................

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs"

A fairly decent list of 14 nice things.  But I'll do my own list...............with photos.  A good exercise of things I'm thankful for, this Thanksgiving week.

Stand by........

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Radio Station That Plays in My Head

Hello blog readers.

Have I ever told you about the radio station that plays in my head? The people I work with know all about it. Because with all of them, I'm known for either bursting out in song, or talking to people in song lyrics. Most of the lyrics are obscure, so they don't realize I'm doing it. But I can't help myself. Whenever I'm not actively listening to music, there's a song playing in my head.

Anyone else out there like that? I can only hope for your sake.............not.

So this week, there's a song that someone has hit the repeat button on, and maybe, just maybe, playing it here will get it out of my head.

Mr Taylor, in all his 80's glory, with a song..........and lyrics..........and a video only possible of being hatched in his creative, slightly off kilter brain.(LYRICS FOLLOW THE VIDEO)

Enter the young idealist
Chasing dragons to slay
Exit the hustler
Packing up his M.B.A.

Freshmen scream in a classroom
Was there a sound?
First degree in the vacuum
I'm on college ground

Took a class, big fun
Modern ethics 101
First day learned why
Ethics really don't apply

Prof says, "One trait
Takes us to a higher state
Drug free, pure bliss
Get your pencils, copy this"

"Life unwinds like a cheap sweater
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better
And the truth gets blurred like a wet letter
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better"

Top of the class sits Ernest
He was brightest and best
Till the professor lured him
To the hopeless nest

Now he lives for the shortcut
Like a citizen should
Tells the class with a wink
"Only the young die good"

He says, "Ideals? Uncouth
Fatalism needs youth
Eat well, floss right
Keep the hungry out of sight

Save face--nip and tuck
Praise yourself and pass the buck
And don't forget the best advice
Everybody's get a price

"Life unwinds like a cheap sweater
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better
And the truth gets blurred like a wet letter
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better"

"While the world winds down to a final prayer
Nothing soothes quicker than complete despair
I predict by dinner I won't even care
Since I gave up hope I feel a lot better"

Nazis plead in a courtroom
"Pardon me, boys"
Profits fall in a boardroom
Did they make a noise?

Someone spreads an affliction
Company's nice
Someone sells an addiction
Puts your soul on ice

Half wits knock heads
Candidates in double beds
Good guys defect
"I can't precisely recollect"

Teacher's pet theory's fine
If you're born without a spine
Can't you spell wrong?
Sing it to him Papa John

"While the world winds down to a final prayer
Nothing soothes quicker than complete despair
I predict by dinner I won't even care
Since I gave up hope I feel a lot better"

"Life unwinds like a cheap sweater
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better
And the truth gets blurred like a wet letter
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better"

"Life unwinds like a cheap sweater
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better
And the truth gets blurred like a wet letter
But since I gave up hope I feel a lot better

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Nigel Tufnel Day 11.11.11

HT to a coworker.

In addition to Veteran's Day, it's also Nigel Tufnel Day...............the man who made eleven such an important number............

Veteran's Day 2011

Thanks to all of you reading this (and you know who you are), who've served our country.  You think it isn't a big deal that you served.  And that's because you're the kind of person who would.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching Up

Life sometimes takes a sudden turn to the left or the right, and catches us completely unaware. 

The last few days have been that way.  And every time I'd think to post here, something would pull me in another direction.

When the phone rings in the middle of the night, it's never good news.  As The Husband said, when the phone rings like that, it's never someone calling you to say you've won a house in Ouray.

This 3:30am phone call came from his younger brother, and I was certain it was bad news about my father-in-law.  Instead, it was word that my mother-in-law was being taken to the hospital.  Within 30 hours, she was gone.  Sudden, unexpected, massive stroke.  Joyce had been the one, taking care of an ailing husband, and seeming strong and healthy. 

Still trying to accept, as it all seem a little unreal.  Just a while back, in September, Joyce sent me a box in the mail for my birthday (she never missed any one's birthday).  It was full of kitchen linens she had embroidered,  some cross stitched pillow cases...........and then just an assortment of little things, each carefully chosen.  As I look around my house I see little reminders of the kind things she's sent me, or The Husband.................she paid close attention when she was here, and then found things she thought we'd like.

Today was the funeral, and with that completed, the routines of life return, and we're left with just memories. 

I have experienced the death of many around me, family and friends.  It never gets any easier.  The suddenness will make it take a long time to get used to the idea.

Sleep peacefully Joyce.  You have certainly earned your rest.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I Do Believe in Tim Tebow, I Do!!!

  Tim, I do believe in you.  I do!  No matter what happens, you have conducted yourself in a way that makes me hopeful for the future. 

As a life long Bronco Fan..............I'm frustrated with the coaching, the play calling, the offensive line, the defensive backfield.

But Not You.


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