Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Two - Post Op

Our patient is doing well.  Nights are rough, tough for him to find a way to lay down comfortably.  But he just took a shower with a trashbag over his arm.  Add a little Glad Press n' Seal wrap at the top.  Watertight seal.

Only taking one Percacet a day and just over the counter for the rest.  Sat in the sun yesterday for a few minutes.  We'll see the surgeon on Tuesday to get the fiberglass splint off and see where we go from there.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Official - Torn Distal Bicep

The Doctor told him the muscle was curled up like a corkscrew in his arm.  So tomorrow we'll head off to the orthopedic clinic and they will reattach the tendon to the bone.  It's a day surgery thing, with rehab to follow.  I'll be off with The Husband for a few days, and he's taking the whole week off next week.  It will be light duty for a while, but hopefully, he'll be golfing by May!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bumps in the Road

Been a wild and woolly week At Altitude.

When things get hectic at work or at home, I tend to retreat and stop posting, when in fact, the opposite would probably be therapeutic.

Started a week ago Sunday, when it was just a picture perfect day in Colorado.  The Husband and I had planned on taking in a movie and dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day.  But once we went out front of the house the sun was just SO warm and inviting, all plans fell by the wayside.  That sun warmed us up, and we stayed outside, soaking it in.  Bessy loves it too.............she's been suffering from a little cabin fever, so she found a comfy spot and settled in.
The county plows our streets (why would we complain?) but that leaves a huge ridge of snow at the end of the driveway that has to be shoveled to get in and out.  In an attempt to spread it out and get some melting, we shoveled.  Unfortunately, in one of those quick movements with the shovel, The Husband heard a pop in his elbow and I saw him grimace.

Eight days later, two doctors appointments, an MRI, and a week missed from work................we still don't know for sure.........but he may have a partial tear of his bicep at the elbow.  It's currently a pleasant shade of yellow.  Doesn't hurt much he tells me, but he has little flex strength in that left arm.  Not so good for doing his law enforcement type job.  So we wait.  Thursday morning he'll see a surgeon and we'll know where we go from here.


Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Grammys

Each year we watch the Grammys.....okay, the Grammys and it could be amazing, inspiring, horrendous, appalling depressing or entertaining. Or all of the above.

So from our loft............Grammy Reviews.

Tribute to Aretha Franklin.

B plus.

Not a fan of Christine. But Jennifer Hudson rocked it and Yolanda is just.......... Yolanda. Amazing.

Lady Gaga?  Too soon to say.  Madonna?  culture effecting vibe?  maybe not so much.

Muse...........too "late 80's"  for me.  The Dark Decade.  Cool video effects.......but would I sit around listening to this????????????? Not a chance.

Pretend Black and White footage...............average music.  What are we doing here?  I'm lost.  Completely Lost.    Apparently this is the portion of the show when I feel downright old and culturally irrelevant.  This music doesn't speak to me on any level. I still don't even know who these people are.  Moving on.

Usher/ pop tunes?  Memorable?  Hardly.

Followed  by randomness that was extremely random.


What shall we say?  Age has not improved his voice.  But he is Bob Dylan.  Guitar players backing him?  Amazing.

Lady Antebellum.  Some great lyrics.  But the music is just more of the same.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Muppet R&B?  Add some Gwyneth.  Bizarre.  Can I haz some real music?  Pweeeeze??

Katy?  I think someday she may be an incredible artist.  Not yet.  If maybe she could stop rebelling against her roots for the sake of rebellion.  Teenage dreams are all good...........however.

Keith Urban and Company.........playing real music with real instruments honoring Dolly. 

Song of the Year goes to real singers, singing with real instruments, to heartfelt lyrics. Lady Antebellum.

 Hopeful somehow.

Eminem.  I get it.  Still not what I would listen to,  but I get it.


How can a Brit do quintessential R&B like that?  Saw him in May of 1978, Folsom Field.  "Some Girls" Tour.  We thought we died and went to Rock and Roll Heaven.

Kris.  We're talking Kris.  Kris Kristofferson. I've seen him twice in person.  Tonight he was introducing Babs.  Barbra Streisand doesn't do this.  But she did.  Did she sound nervous?  Yes she did.  She is still Barbra.  From childhood I listened to her, and soon learned to appreciate the matchless talent she possesses.

Record of the Year  ........  COUNTRY WINS.  Lady Antebellum.

Over all, lackluster year for music.

Saw nothing tonight that would cause me to make any music purchases.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Non Paid Commercial for Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller makes me laugh so hard, I sometimes think I'll crash my car. While a talk radio vacation is still in effect for me, I still tune in for at least a little while each day before and after I get to the office. I'd listen more but I'm afraid I'd get nothing done.

For the uninformed, Dennis Miller has a daily talk show which is carried here in the Denver market on 710KNUS. He covers current events in the news cycle, but there's also quite a bit of movie and TV chatter. He's so smart and well read, that I'm sure a full one fourth of what he talks about is lost on me..........but none the less.......... for the parts I get........ he makes me laugh.

Today, he was referring to the happenings in Egypt as "Islam -apalooza", and his comment on Mubarak finally stepping down....."This guy's like Brett Favre in a fez." Guess you had to been there.

Anyway, some of you reading this(and you know who you are) tell me you never listen to the radio............but he's worth listening to (9a-11a)instead of FOX all day.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tunesday - Barry and Babs

So as we continue with the cheesy (beautiful) music know, Valentine's Day and all......

Been spending too much time listening to Sirius Channel 3. Heard a great Bee Gees tune, then a great Barbra Streisand tune. That brought to mind the great duets they did......this CD got some play in my house (and still does). Found some live footage. Barry Gibb. Be still my heart.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Football Joy

Looks to be a good game today. Hope the Packers win. Feel bad for Packer fans because of the Favre thing.

But here At Altitude, we have reason to smile again.


Shannon Sharp,one of the most exciting, funny, joyful players to don a Bronco uniform. Now in the NFL Hall of Fame. And a well deserved honor. He broke my heart when he left us for a while, but then he came back. The little boy from Georgia has done us proud.

A Hero of Mine

Remember when it felt like this??? I do.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Weekend Tunes

Music is a big part of my life.  As mentioned before here.............this is due to the saturation of music experienced by me as a child, because my parents loved it, and my childhood is filled with music. Not all people experience this. The Husband tells me he has no recollection of his family listening to music........ ever.

I see music as a tool. Not just a past time or hobby. I use music to alter my reality.

Tired? There's music to wake you up. Restless? There's music to sooth you. Stressed?  There's music to calm your nerves.  Need to let go and have fun?  There's music to celebrate.

Though I'm addicted to talk radio, I have determined to listen to more music, less chatter.

So in celebration of Friday, I cranked the satellite radio on the way to the office today, cause it's Friday, after all.  No talk radio, no news, just tunes.  On channel 3...................the LOVE CHANNEL.............comes this song.  Heard it hundreds of times.............suddenly is musical perfection.  YES, it is a song about adultery. Ignore the lyrics if you can.   But the arrangement, the vocals, each perfectly timed, each flows into a hooky song that is apparently a grammy winning song.  Incredible song.

Then I popped over to channel 7, the 70's channel.........and lost my mind. Cranked it, pounded the steering to the rythymn......and found myself happy by the time I got to work. You can't listen to this song at low volume.....and Dad, I think you called this acid rock and you won't like it. Just an example how music can make your day.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

In the Company of Women

I was a brave person last night.  I had dinner with a group of six women, only one of whom I had ever met before.  For most other people this would not be a brave move, but for me it was.

I met the woman who hosted and set up the meeting a year ago, through business contacts.  We did a little business together, but more importantly we hit it off on a personal level. Most of our meetings lasted longer because it always took a while for us to get around to actually talking business.  We found that we had some mutual acquaintances. We got to know each other a little better.  So we've met for coffee every few months or so, and I enjoy her company.

Last week, we met again and the conversation took a detour (completely unintentionally) to spiritual matters.  To make a long story shorter, she asked me to come have dinner with a group of women.  She had met each of these ladies over time and she uncovered that each was deeply spiritual, each in unique ways.  There was no agenda, no plan, no leader.  We just talked and shared a meal and listened to each other's stories.  Though diverse in every way, in ages, backgrounds and circumstances still we marveled at the variety of ways our lives intersected.  One woman works where The Husband does, one lives a few blocks from my parents, one lives just down the road from me.

On the whole, I'm not usually comfortable with women.  I am quick to make your acquaintence, but slow to become friends.  And I've spent most of my professional life surrounded by men, often the ONLY woman, so this is my comfort zone.  I can talk sports or politics or business, which has made feel safe in the company of men.  Women.............not so much.

Fortunately, when The Husband and I moved into this neighborhood almost six years ago, we met and made friends with other couples.  So I count more women as friends then ever.  I have made progress.  I've even been in two book disbanded, one still going strong.  But this was a big step for me last night.  I still get butterflies in my stomach before book club meetings.............and last night was really a stretch.  But I'm proud of myself, and the places this road may take me.............but more about that later.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tunesday - Somewhere in Time - John Barry

More pretty music, as suggested in last week's Tunesday selection..............

In honor of the passing of the incredible composer, John Barry this weekend.  Yes, John was most known for his James Bond theme, but he was also the person who composed the soundtracks of many of my favorite movies.

It doesn't get much prettier than the soundtrack to "Somewhere in Time".  Possibly one of the most romantic movies ever...........a film that introduced us to Christopher Reeve. 

This soundtrack, purchased on CD, was played on the repeat mode.............and saw me through many sleepless nights when I battled insomnia in the 90's.  Here's just a taste of the music, with no video distractions.

Now, take a look at some footage from the movie...........note the reflection in the window...........a shot that is amoung my favorite EVER in a movie.


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