Thursday, January 29, 2009

Best Place To Live

you see..........I knew it all along.

According to an article in the"Denver Business Journal" my choice of location is to be admired. The article says, in part, "If you live in Denver, know that you're envied.

That's according to a national survey released Thursday by the Pew Research Center's Social & Demographic Trends project. It found that Denver is America's most popular big city -- both among people who live here and those who don't.

Of those Americans surveyed, 43 percent say they want to live in the Denver area, more than any of the 30 cities on Pew's list."

Those of us Natives would like to go on record, however.

It's not that great here. It snows all the time. Piles and piles of it. And when it does snow, it sticks around for months at a time. Every time you see those little snowflakes on the national weather maps, we're getting hammered. Oh, and by the way, the summers are dreadful. High heat and humidity............. nearly unbearable. Blue skies? Can't see them. Cloudy most of the time.

You really wouldn't ever want to move here. No arts, no culture, and a bad restaurant scene.

Did I mention natural disasters? Oh yeah, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes............all that stuff.

So don't think about coming here............

there are already too many cars on the highway between my house and work.


PS, special exceptions can be made with a referral from a Colorado Native.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gut Reactions

Woke at 5:30am, with a start, realized it was already 7:30 in the east. I wondered how long President Elect Obama had been awake.

Moments later, with a more fully awake brain, I realized I had butterflies in my stomach.

Big day today. For some it passed by without notice. But for me, and for millions around the world, this is a day we will remember as long as we live.

For me, every inauguration is a big day. Gotta love the limos, the military bands, the high school bands, the poets, the celebrities, the waving flags, the speeches, the prayers, the military guards, the commentators, the pundits, the party loyalists, Hail to the Chief, America the Beautiful, and the National Anthem.

How other people around the world, in nations everywhere, view these inaugurations....... is always in the back of my mind. What do they think as they look on? Why do they care? Today was a day that MAY change how other nations think of our country.

Maybe that is a pipe dream.

I made my way to work today, listening to Fox News on the satellite radio.

The TV was already on at the office. I told my staff it was okay to watch. Many were watching an inauguration for the first time. Being a technical company, we couldn't help notice any and all technical glitches.

I was embarrassed. Not used to watching these events with a group of other people. Made a dive for a Kleenex box. Managed to maintain my composure for the most part. But these "moments in time" weaken my knees.

If you were new to this reading all of this post, you might think I was an Obama supporter.

I was not. As in............... I voted for Senator John McCain.

But today, I am a citizen of the United States of America. Barack Obama is my President. He is the first man, who is not a "white man", to put his hand on the Bible and take the oath. We are all changed. You may not agree. But in my opinion, we are all changed because of this day.

As I piece through this day I may have more to say. I know I want to talk about the graciousness of President Bush.

Tomorrow morning when I wake doubt I will be thinking of two men.

I will think of my new President, Barack Obama, and that infamous security briefing he will receive. I will say a prayer for him.

Then I will think of................ W................. my former President. He will be bringing Laura a cup of coffee, about the same time I grab mine in my kitchen. He will be looking at the brush that needs clearing, feed the dogs, and start a new life. Part of the exclusive club of "Mr. Presidents"................the four of them still alive.

I wish them both my best. And pray for the grace of God to cover them both.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaguration Eve

When I am an old woman, I know that I will look back at tomorrow, January 20, 2009 as one of the biggest events in my life time.

Born in 1959, I have lived through many huge moments in American history. I have dim memories (because I was so young) of the day President Kennedy was assassinated. I remember the tears of my aunts, who were home with me that day, and I remember sitting on the cool hardwood floors, watching the black and white TV on the day of the funeral. It was a strong memory, that stays with me still.

I saw rocket launches, men landing on the moon, Nixon's resignation, shuttle explosions, and the day President Reagan was shot, just to name a few. My parents went out of their way to make sure my little bro and I would get up early, or stay up late, to watch these moments on TV, or the coverage following a tragedy. I even watched Watergate hearings when I got home from school, trying to figure out what was going on. The deeply ingrained habit has stayed with me in adulthood.

On 9/11 and for days afterward, most everyone was glued to the coverage, I just never stopped. Yes, I am a news junkie.

I'll have to catch the inauguration mostly after the fact on the DVR, as some goofy networking group scheduled a lunch for tomorrow, and I HAVE TO cover for my boss. Can't remember the last time I didn't watch an inauguration live.

Feeling fairly conflicted about all this...............On one hand..............I love the pomp and ceremony. The traditions and history making. The songs, the military bands, and the red white and blue bunting. Yes, I'm the sappy, sentimental, patriotic type, who's voice cracks during the national anthem, and tears up at the poetry or famous quotes.

On the other hand, I did not vote for Barack Obama, and I am not happy that he won.

My issue with him? Inexperience.

Oh, and I also disagree with just about every single view he holds.

On the other hand (am I out of hands?), he is my President. Or will be in about 12 hours.

Most important of all, it is a MOMENTOUS moment to me, that a African American will take the oath of office. Back in 1958, when my parents married, it was considered a bi-racial marriage. My Dad is "white". A good jumble of English, Scottish, and a bit of Cherokee thrown in. My Mother is "not white". Or at least that was the thinking as she grew up, and when they married. She's Spanish, mostly, with a number of other nationalities thrown in, but at that time, Hispanic meant she was "not white".

Because of their mixed marriage, and the stories of racial prejudice Mom endured growing up, I was raised with a strong sense of diversity, and pride in my mixed heritage. I was also raised to disdain discrimination, prejudice and what we now call profiling. Hence, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero of mine growing up. I was devastated by his murder.

Now tomorrow, a massive step forward in "The Dream" takes place, and we have a front row seat.

And the world also looks on, at our "peaceful transition of power". I never doubted that we would see this day in my lifetime. Now that it's here, I will watch, through tear filled eyes, and say prayer for this young man, who tomorrow will become the most powerful man in the world, that God will grant him wisdom beyond his years, and surround him with a least a few people who will speak the truth to him.

God Bless America, and God Bless President Barack Obama.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

IPod Genius is Genius (maybe)

Now that I have figured out how to make the freakin thing work.........................I am impressed so far, with the Apple IPod Genius function on my IPod Classic. It makes intersting choices, and I guess part of the appeal is not knowing what it is going to play next.

Where is My Chocolate Fiesta???

Why is there no Chocolate Fiestaware in Colorado? They have it in many other places.

Macy's will sell it to me on their website if I pay for shipping. But they don't have it in any of their Colorado stores. I heard a rumor that Dillard's had it..............but they sell the 5 piece place settings and I hate those dinky cups. I want the 4 piece place setting. Bigger Mug. Great Indoors..........nada....Kohl's...................nada.

Come on Homer Laughlin................what is the point of making us wait??????

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Gossip

So who knew The Husband was my celebrity gossip gather er?

According to a People magazine report, spotted at the grocery store, my favorite Dancing With the Stars dancer, Maxim, is engaged to fellow female DWTS, Karina. Big doings for us Dancing fans.

But aren't they just the best looking couple you've ever seen????

UPDATE: It's all over...................see all my Dancing With the Stars posts here DWTS

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globe Moments

WARNING: If you didn't watch the Golden Globes, none of the following will mean much of anything.............

Guess I'll need to see "The Reader". Really like Kate Winslet. Didn't she look beautiful..........?

Mickey Rourke.........well the only word that comes to mind............tragic. At least he can speak in complete sentences.

Tom Wilkinson wins. I really like him in whatever he does. Keep meaning to get around to watching the John Adams series on HBO. I hear it's amazing. Laura Linney wins as well. Can I still get this on Demand? Alas, no. On to the Netflix queue.

Okay, Twilight True Blood on HBO just as good????

Stunning how bad The Husband hates the long speeches. He yells at the screen. But even more amazing.............The Husband is watching the Golden Globes with me...........yay.............

Drew Barrymore looks really great. Like old Hollywood stars. She is one of my favorite actresses.

Lost The Husband about an hour and a half into the show. He is now reading.

Okay, I admit it. I've never seen 30 Rock. Is is too late to start? Is it really as good as "they" all say? They won a lot/no, everything. Tracy Morgan. Drunk or stoned? I'm voting stoned. No, wait...........both.

About the Steven Spielberg award and much have we all been touched by his work? From the childhood whimsy of Anamanics and E.T. Saving Private Ryan and one of my favorite movies (that I have only brought myself to watch once)......Schindler's List. What an amazing scope of work ..........and in every case..............amazing entertainment. Which for me is the point of it all...................movies take us to another place for an hour or two. If I were to have another life to live............I would want to direct movies.

Slumdog Millionaire................heard buzz about this from everywhere I go. Can't wait to see this movie. Guess the Hollywood Foreign Press likes it A LOT.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Not a Creature Is Stirring

Each year, as the holidays pass, I usually feel a sense of letdown. I enjoy decorating the house, baking, shopping for gifts, and most especially the lights. The Husband and I take little side trips whenever we're out after dark ........................and look at all the amazing, or simple, or outright tacky lighting displays.

I love to people watch at the stores, even when some fellow shoppers turn out to be the Grinch.

This year, however I'm not feeling that letdown. It was a great holiday season. A quiet, peaceful Christmas, followed by five wonderful days, for New Year's, with a house full of friends and laughter.

There are so many new things you learn when you have two elementary age boys at your house. How have we missed the Bakugan craze? I'm not sure The Husband and I grasped exactly what the concept is..........but apparently, its a big thing...........go check it out for yourself..............Bakugan.

I also made it through the new Stars Wars/Clone Wars movie/cartoon. Who knew Jabba the Hut was so old? And that he has a little son who got kidnapped who everyone called Stinky?

We also learned that Mighty Muggs have nothing to do with Starbucks or coffee..............

Now I have two new original pieces of art to hang on the wait..........three, because ScooterGirl brought me a handmade southwestern Cross for our wall...........and both boys made me a picture.

All in all, it was great fun hanging out with ScooterGirl and The Marine. The Marine's boys filled the house with toys and fun.

Now.......... not a creature is stirring............not even The Chick Voice or The Husband. The guest rooms are all empty and the place feels deserted.


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